Graphics 'Starter' Workshop

Using graphics to communicate is nothing new. People have used images to convey messages since the earliest of times. Even today, we are surrounded by pictures, images and words that help us to make sense of information and the world around us.

Whether you use the skills from this workshop for your own benefit for example, better note taking or for working with others, perhaps at meetings or for a presentation, working in a visual way taps into the human history of communicating in pictures and symbols, creates a compelling and creative record and brings work to life on the page.

If you're new to using graphics and think you can't draw why not experience a 'starter' workshop. This one day session covers the basics of how to draw simple graphics and lots more; how to create visuals for flipcharts, posters and slides quickly, easily and confidently with tips and techniques shared on the day that can be applied immediately both in and outside of work.

The workshop is practical, participative and fun. You'll learn how to:

capture and manage ideas and information clearly, creatively and succinctly using words and pictures

use pictures, symbols, colour and space on the page to create a visual representation of ideas, concepts and information

use the tips and techniques shared to enhance materials and to create unique eye catching and useful notes, presentations and flipcharts etc..

think differently about how to present ideas and information for yourself and for other

You don't have to be an artist to benefit from this workshop - it's packed with tips and techniques to help you get your message across and capture and present information in simple, inexpensive yet effective ways.

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Below are a sample of visual evaluations created by participants who commissioned a two day graphics workshop; a 'starter' workshop followed by a day focussing on how to capture information live at meetings.


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