Graphic Recording

"I approached Vanessa, after a recommendation from a trusted colleague, to support us as a Graphic Recorder on a series of large scale facilitated events; it was one of the best decisions of the whole project!

Vanessa was an absolute delight to have on the team and made a positive contribution in so many ways; warm, funny, generous in spirit and exceptionally talented.

Her skills as a graphic recorder were evident immediately; she has a sharp ability to take the essence of a conversation and represent it visually, with images, icons, words and symbols weaved together in artistic and humorous ways!

More than that though was Vanessa's ability to quickly see how the many different threads of conversations in the room linked together; this gave a pattern and shape to the graphic being produced that enabled delegates to instantly see how their conversations had built up into a set of collective ideas.

Highly professional, highly regarded by myself and the team, highly recommended!"

John Rice, Director, Bowland Solutions

How good would it be to create an even more memorable conference, business event or meeting for participants by involving a Graphic Recorder/visual scribe. Graphic Recording refers to the process of listening, synthesizing information and then presenting it using a combination of words, simple graphics and colour; usually in the form of a big picture. Graphic recording takes place in group settings for example, large or small scale events and conferences, open space and World Cafe style meetings. The visual record that is created is essentially a summary of the content, process and outcomes of the event.

A visual summary is a great memento of any event, it aids people's memory and helps with the retention and recall of information. The careful combination of words and pictures helps bring ideas and information to life!


Have you got a vision, strategy, process, idea or message that you would like to get across to people in a more powerful way? Vanessa will work with you to produce a strikling visual that you can use to get your message across more effectively. This could be a poster, a booklet, a series of flipcharts or even a custom drawn big picture. Here are some examples that Vanessa has created:

The 'Characters' (below left) are a sample from a range of 'people' icons created for Inspired Partners Ltd. These were used in a range of materials to support the content and bring it to life on the page.

This comic strip (below centre) was developed as part of a story campaign to promote Stellar Learning's How To Be A Brain Friendly Trainer (HTBABFT) course. It was part of a series of stories from previous HTBABFT participants on how they used brain friendly learning techniques in their own work.

The graphic (below right) was created as a communication aid to illustrate the complexities of an Urgent Care System for a NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

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